Landspeed racing is racing in its purest form.

I discovered the magic of landspeed racing back in 2008, when I set out to cross a visit to the Bonneville Salt Flats for Speedweek off my bucket list. What ended up happening can only be described as magic. On arrival in Wendover, a tiny town ripe with polarity on the boarder of Nevada and Utah, it was like going back in time, in a good way. The town of Wendover and its mix of gambling and entertainment compared with its simple rendering of rural Utah (where none of these activities are permitted) are fascinating in their own way. During Speedweek the town is alive. Also alive, the brotherhood of racers and racing fans, some who have been doing this for 50+ years, is alive and kickin.

I will write a longer version of my story and connection to the salt flats, but for now, I share these top 20-ish images I took at the 2013 Speedweek event (the last landspeed event held on the salt up to today).