Easy baby, we got your back.

In terms of privacy lets just say that any information you share with me will be held in strict confidence and protected with the fire breathing security of our shop chihuahua, Harri. He's a mean little shit as indicated by the fact that he has no friends. As an additional layer of comfort, I will outline the types of information that we may collect on this website...there are only 3 types:


  1. Mailing list registration. This gives you access to The Gentleman's Quarterly email update. Theres no cake or extra stuff if that's what you were hoping for. If at any point you grow tired of my communications, you can adjust the throttle or opt-out at any time.
  2. Commenting on blog posts. I am a fan of dialog and constructive feedback. When you share your thoughts, I require some contact information (primarily to send you virtual fistie-bumps).
  3. Ordering something. From time to time, I make different items available in a Limited Edition Catalog. If you order something[awesome] I need your information to know where to tell the horseback rider to deliver your parcel. Ordering does not necessarily opt you in to anything other than the joy of receiving our sundries, and the loads of compliments that will be showered upon you. #priceless

Other than that my friend, we do not need any personal information from you to access this website. If you ever have any questions, or if you think I've ever done you wrong, please contact me.

Sincere thanks,


Bryan @ ShiftCraft


updated 3/15/2016